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We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.
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We are the First Social&Pr agency in Lausanne

We’re a team of digital marketing specialists, with a pr department based in Lausanne and a creative heart based in Naples, who have a unique knowledge of the fashion, food and creative industries. Having established several fashion businesses throughout the last decade, we have a strong network of connections and an intimate understanding in the industry.

Our Social services.
For your business
Digital & Social Media Strategist

With a wide variety of online marketing options available, we will work closely with you to develop a strategy specifically tailored to engage with your target market.

Social media & content management

We specialize in the development of the SocialMedia management activities.
We create editorial strategies supported by the development of creative and innovative content.

Social & web advertising

We elaborate advertising strategies in support of projects that we develop online

Ecommerce Strategy

Starting from the analysis customer journey and online consumer behavior, we develop strategies for the success of e-commerce platforms. 

Our PrServices.
For your Business
Influencer Marketing

We design engagement campaigns with bloggers and digital influencers relevant to the objectives of our customers.

Retail and Event Styling

Surprise and delight your customers and guests. We offer boutique retail and event styling to reflect your requirements and budget.

ShowRoom & Boutique

Centrally located showrooms in Lausanne offer clients the opportunity to display collections and products in an attractive environment. Our comprehensive showroom services include inventory selection and curated appointments with clients.

Partnership & Special Project

Creating the right partnership for your brand can catapult you to places you could never achieve alone. We identify and activate opportunities tailor-made to a brand’s values. Special projects include retail partnerships, talent endorsements, artist collaborations and brand ambassador programs.

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.